Light Trac – A toy for the traveling photographer

amanecer en punta norte
Searching for applications related to photography I found LightTrac and will present it here. I have yet to use the program myself but the user opinions are good and it appears to be a useful and interesting tool that will not occupy any space as it travels virtually in your phone, laptop or tablet. LightTrac software allows you to establish quickly where and when to find the ideal illumination for your desired image. The elevation and angle of the Sun and Moon changes over the year in relation to position, date and time.
Focus field calculator - Valdes Peninsula
LightTrac is a program that calculates the elevation and angle of the Sun and Moon for any position, date and time on the earth and with the information represented in a satellite map, based on the Google Maps platform. Armed with this precise information and with user friendly interface your photoshoot can be planned up to months before, positioning yourself in the correct place at the correct time for a desired and perfect image