Calculator/Central Sun and Moon Map –Software

Calculate exact time and position of the Sunrise and Moonrise

Photo program - Valdes Peninsula - Argentine PatagoniaThe Photographer´s Efemeris (TPE) will help you to plan outdoor photography in particular landscapes. Use this software for organizing your images of the sunrise and moonrise by providing the exact coordinates and exact time for their appearance and therefore providing time to prepare for and anticipate these events. This program is specifically designed for mapping and calculating the exact position and movement of the Sun and Moon. With this information you can organize the capture of your image, knowing beforehand when and where the sun or moon will appear, day or night, anywhere on the planet. TPE is a universal application with optimized interface on iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.
photo Espheris in Valdes Peninsula TPE utilizes as its platform, Google Maps to adjust and encounter a chosen spot. By moving a small red dot to any determined place, trajectory lines will appear for both the sun and moon. This is an extremely useful and user friendly program. Understanding the light and how it will affect any particular landscape at any time of the day or night is a fundamental base for anticipating and capturing quality landscape images.
In the widget I have put here are the exact time and location for the rising and setting of both the Sun and Moon for today and tomorrow so that these magical moments do not elude you.