360 Spherical Images – How to make them

360 degree spherical photographs represent a new technique for expressing a visual experience in the virtual world. The final result achieved is a clear understanding, in all directions, of a single photographic instant. This kind of image allows for interactive exploration, in all directions, with a computer, tablet or cell phone, conveying the feeling of being present, standing in the same place the image was captured.
A panoramic 360 degree photo is an incredible technique that provides, although virtual, the real feeling of being present in the image. The user is found in the center of a virtual landscape in which he can choose his field of vision and zoom in and out as desired.pano punta norte orcas Valdes Peninsula Argentine Patagonia
There are several methods for achieving the same 360 degree panoramic result. The way that I produce this effect is with a SungYoung 8mm lens, a good lens, relatively inexpensive and offering quality results, which in my situation has been used constantly over the last 5 years and still functions like new. The camera I use with this lens is a Nikon D7000. If using a digital full frame camera the ideal lens would be a 10.5 wide-angle. For this result a tripod is required, ideally with a panoramic rotating ball head with a level to position the camera vertically and assure that the tripod is exactly perpendicular to the ground. Here I have provided a link with a guide for acquiring a panoramic ball head for the tripod you use.
Panorámica Punta Norte Orcas
The procedure for achieving this effect is to capture 4 images with the camera in vertical position and well centered over the tripod, rotating the camera horizontally 90 degrees between each image. Next the camera is rotated upward to capture a perpendicular image, and then inverted with a vertical image of the ground. For this last image you will probably have to remove the tripod, maintaining as much as possible the position of the camera with the previous images. It is inevitable that part of your body will appear in this last image and will have to be corrected by cloning in a photo editing program, like Photoshop. A very important aspect for a good final result is making sure that the tripod is level. In this 360 panoramic self-portrait at Punta Norte, for the 4th image the camera was set on timer and I positioned myself next to a telescope to recreate the common situation of a tourist observing the sea lion colony and coastal characteristics. With low tide the rock reefs are perfectly visible and form an area of channels and tide pools near the beach. Hours later, with high tide, the Orcas use these same channels, now filled with water, to access the beach. Using the unique technique of intentional beaching, they will capture the young sea lions on the shore. This is a delicate, cautious and dangerous method for capturing a feast that will be taken into deeper waters and shared with the family. Punta Norte - Orcas Season - Argentine Patagonia - Valdes PeninsulaThe final result of this stereographic image, that can be interactively navigated, is the sensation of being at the center of the image, observing all the surrounding details of Punta Norte.

Here I have provided a short video about how to properly place the camera on the panoramic ball head, as well as how to attach a different head to the tripod and discover the proper alignment, guaranteeing a perfect result from the first attempt.

The software that I use to achieve this result is called PTGUI. The following video is a tutorial on how to apply this program.
The Nautical yard or Whalers yard in Puerto Piramides is the place where all of the Whale Watching, Nautical Tour, Scuba and kayaking vessels are stored and where these different companies have their equipment and maintenance shops.photography 360 spheric Valdes Peninsula
This image of Lucas Lena, a personal friend, colleague and collaborator at Del Nomade, is an excellent example. An image that was captured on the bow of the “Gudenak”, a whale watching vessel owned and operated by Whales Argentina, works like a multi-directional window when viewed on the computer screen.  This new technology offers the luxury of feeling yourself at the heart of Puerto Piramides.